My Java experience as a Javascript developer

Motivation – why learn Java as a JS dev?

As a software engineer for about 2 years, I learned a lot. Starting out as a Typescript/Node.js developer, I quickly got the gripes of the Javascript world.

As we know, Javascript is a dynamically typed language, with an ‘objects linked to other objects’ (or prototype linking) approach. ES2015 adds some class-like syntax sugar on top which I personally don’t like, but frameworks such as Angular really embrace them.

Typescript adds static, compile-time type checking to the picture with a neatly engineered type system but it ultimately has no effect during run-time (apart from juggling with source maps).

I think that if as a developer you specialize in one or two languages, it’s still important to learn other languages, too, to widen your views and better understand general programming principles.

I believe general understanding turns you into a better engineer even if you don’t have a CS degree, plus it helps you pick up other tools of the trade (languages, frameworks) easier during your career.