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  • Attending Craft Conference 2023

    I had the opportunity to attend this year’s Craft Conference – well, after learning that there was a software engineering conference regularly being organized each year in my hometown. I’ve been missing this piece of info for years on my end! 😅 General experience The conference was located at the Hungarian Railroad History Museum which […]

  • Running macOS inside Linux with Docker-OSX

    It just happened to me that at my current workplace, Process Street, I had to fix a bug in our iOS application. But… I’d like to do this on a Linux box, and not on a MacBook. What to do in this case? Let’s run macOS inside a virtual machine! Prerequisites CPU virtualization Your CPU […]

  • This site is now opted out of Google FLoC

    Google is rolling out Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) in Chrome browsers – which is more than 60% of all browsers worldwide, based on page visits. I never used Chrome and am an avid Firefox user, but this is important for every Web user and the Web as the whole. What is FLoC? Basically, third-party […]

  • Convert your filesystem to Btrfs

    The purpose of this article is to give you an overview about why and how to migrate your current partitions to Btrfs filesystem, and to give you kind of a step-by-step walkthrough – if you know what you’re doing!

  • New porfolio page!

    Before writing my recap of 2020 (is there anything even out there to recap? 😱), I decided to finally create a portfolio page, a showcase of my favorite projects so far. Of course, not all projects are created equal, but it’s fairly hard to showcase “refactoring legacy Java applications”, “migrating build pipelines” or “improving database […]

  • Speaking at People Team camp

    I had the privilege to hold a web development workshop at the People Team summer camp. People Team is a fairly popular youth camp where participating kids choose some focus topic and attend to various lectures, workshops and activities during the week. The topics range from learning languages, through arts, sciences, robotics, cooking, environmental protection […]

  • Does ‘software engineering’ even exist?

    I’m not even sure if software engineering exists, or whether it should be called as such. See my opinionated post below. How software emerged As a reference, I have a ‘mechatronics engineering’ MSc, which is mostly a mix of electronics and mechanincal engineering. These classic engineering fields are called ‘engineering disciplines’. Mechanical (and also civil) […]

  • Self-taught software engineering: Coursera & co.

    I really enjoy Coursera courses and have been doing them since I have been doing software engineering. It’s a great way to broaden my knowledge since I’ve never received formal computer science or software engineering education. Just a quick update: I added a list of what I have completed to the About page. Not really […]

  • My skills page is up!

    Probably the longest self-description of one’s programming skills you’ve read in a while. Head right over there!

  • Goals for 2020

    It’s nice to have a list ready about what I would want to achieve this year. One is really ambitious of course, but this is something to refer back to later during the year, something to get inspired from in times of difficulty. So here we go.