I’m Gergely (Greg) Gombos, a software engineer from Budapest, Hungary.

This blog is the place where I’ll post about my software development journey.


I primarily define myself as a product engineer. Today’s world is full of opportunities… and problems to solve!

  • Graduated: Mechatronics Engineer MSc major
  • Worked for several companies before starting an IT career…
    • Designed machines for food factories
    • Was an intern at ABB USA, simulating electrical transmission networks
    • Worked at a wind turbine startup, designing control systems & simulations
    • Founded a board game company, helped 3 Kickstarter projects get funded
  • Started working as a software engineer a few years ago

Hobbies: martial arts, uni-, bi- and motorcycling, scouting.


I found my passion as a software engineer. It’s not entirely new for me – part of me has always wanted to be a programmer. I always loved learning new ways of solving problems.

Whatever the problem or product vision is, I analyze the situation, compare solutions and outcomes, develop a roadmap to the end goal and coordinate my own and/or my team’s efforts.

My clients enjoy my ability to ask the right questions at the right time, my attention for details and the constant focus on delivering tangible solutions.

I am continuously striving to be more collaborative, inspiring, and proactive. I personally dislike wasted or unfruitful work and believe in the power of leading through example.

Programming stuff

Github, Stackoverflow

Coursera courses

Programming Languages, University of Washington

  • Part A – Functional programming, Standard ML
  • Part B – Functional & macro programming, writing a simple interpreter in Racket
  • Part C – OOP in Ruby, FP vs OOP comparison

Algorithms & Data structures specialization, University of California San Diego & National Research University Higher School of Economics

  • Algorithmic Toolbox – big O notation, stress testing, greedy, divide & conquer algorithms, dynamic programming
  • Data Structures – lists, amortized analysis, priority queues, disjoint sets, hash tables, binary search trees, splay trees, AVL trees
  • Algorithms on Graphs – depth-first search, breadth-first search, topological sorting, Dijkstra algorithm, A*, contraction hierarchies
  • Algorithms on Strings – Burrows-Wheeler transform, suffix trees, suffix arrays, Knuth–Morris–Pratt algorithm
  • Advanced Algorithms & Complexity – network flows, P&NP problems, SAT solvers, linear programming, streaming algorithms
  • Genome Assembly Programming Challenge – creating a genome assembler: assembling a bacteriophage DNA genome from error-prone reads using overlap graphs and De Bruijn graphs (ugh…)

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