I’m Gergely Gombos, a software engineer from Budapest, Hungary.

This blog is the place where I’ll post about my software development journey.


I primarily define myself as an engineer who is particularly good at solving whatever problems come along. Today’s world is full of opportunities… and problems to solve!

  • Graduated: Mechatronics Engineer MSc major
  • Worked for several companies before…
    • Designed machines for food factories
    • Was an intern at ABB USA, simulating electrical transmission networks
    • Worked at a wind turbine startup, designing control systems & simulations
    • Founded a board game company, helped 3 Kickstarter projects get funded
  • Started working as a software engineer a few years ago
    • Clients include Labcup, a lab management startup
    • Currently working as a senior engineer at Logmein

Hobbies: martial arts, uni-, bi- and motorcycling, scouting.


I found my passion as a software engineer. It’s not entirely new for me – part of me always wanted to be a programmer. I have always loved learning new ways of solving problems.

Whatever the problem or product vision is, I analyze the situation, compare solutions and outcomes, develop a roadmap to the end goal and coordinate my own and/or my team’s efforts.

My clients enjoy my ability to ask the right questions at the right time, my attention for details and the constant focus on delivering optimal solutions.

Programming stuff

Github, Stackoverflow

Coursera courses

What a hobby…!

Programming Languages, University of Washington

  • Part A – Functional programming, Standard ML
  • Part B – Functional & macro programming, writing a simple interpreter in Racket (LISP-like language)
  • Part C – OOP in Ruby, FP vs OOP comparison

Algorithms & Data structures specialization, University of California San Diego & National Research University Higher School of Economics

  • Algorithmic Toolbox – big O notation, stress testing, greedy, divide & conquer algorithms, dynamic programming
  • Data Structures – lists, amortized analysis, priority queues, disjoint sets, hash tables, binary search trees, splay trees, AVL trees
  • Algorithms on Graphs – depth-first search, breadth-first search, topological sorting, Dijkstra algorithm, A*, contraction hierarchies
  • Algorithms on Strings – Burrows-Wheeler transform, suffix trees, suffix arrays, Knuth–Morris–Pratt algorithm
  • Advanced Algorithms & Complexity – network flows, P&NP problems, SAT solvers, linear programming, streaming algorithms
  • Genome Assembly Programming Challenge – creating a genome assembler: assembling a bacteriophage DNA genome from error-prone reads using overlap graphs and De Bruijn graphs (ugh…)

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